OMGYes and LoveHoney reflections

Over the first semester of 2020 as a part of our Lets talk about sex baby women’s department held a give-away contest. Where we gave away OMGYes and LoveHoney subscriptions and now some of our lovely winners have given us reflections on their experience. Hope you all enjoy it!!


This is going to be pretty TMI, so enter at your own risk.

I’m not very good at masturbating. I feel awkward about my own body, so usually make do with a bit of classic pillow-rutting. I feel awkward about the idea of having a conversation about it, which results in my furtive Google searches for advice. I went out on a limb entering my name in a Women’s Department draw for an OMGYes subscription, and when I got it, I felt less “omg, yes” and more “omg what do I do now?”

But this site is such a gift for the awkward types. It is full of women being frank about their bodies and what they like. It isn’t a ~*~sexy~*~, dimly lit, suggestive strip tease. It’s far more the vibe of the sex ed teacher who told us every year that she’d “had her embarrassment glands removed” and so we could ask her anything. Except, within the next moment, she was naked and touching herself.

It will take patience, self-acceptance, and a lot more time for me to get to a place where I can say confidently OMGYes has improved my sex life. But it has released me of the expectation that there’s a quick fix and given me the hope that one day I too could confidently tell someone how I like to be touched. And that’s a big step.

Thanks Women’s Department ❤


I had been waiting for an opportunity to use OMGYes for a while after hearing about it in an Emma Watson interview, and was so excited to get the chance when I won this giveaway! As someone who enjoys engaging in self-pleasure, as well as someone who (particularly at the time of the giveaway) was relatively new to being sexually active with others, this is such a fantastic resource. There are so many different things discussed that I have never tried, thought about, or even considered before, and the variety not only brings a lot of excitement, but is really helpful for allowing me to experiment with what really works well for me. Going through the modules in the season to try different techniques (alone, or with my boyfriend) has been really informative as well as fun, to the point that we went and bought the other season! I absolutely recommend this to absolutely anyone 🙂


Oh my gosh, OMGYes is OMGamazing! For a number of reasons that I feel I can do better justice by putting on different hats. 

#Conservative Hat: As someone brought up in a conservative household with friends that are now married but have only recently started openly discussing sex I have found this such a good resource. I personally have limited sexual experience and the format of the site felt like speaking to a friend with diverse women sharing what worked for them and allowing me to have the opportunity to safely explore what might work for me and to also have the confidence to try something completely different that feels good for me.

#Single Hat: I don’t date much or at all but I don’t want that to mean I will leave the control of my pleasure to my partner if/when I find him. BONUS beyond exploring what feels amazing for me I loved that there were also options that would involve my partner when they enter the picture giving me confidence to share what works for me and potentially making it better for him!

#’Me’ Hat: Personally I also loved the interface. With so much content to go through, the layout allowed me to immerse in different techniques and clearly follow the content. I loved the little touches like using icons to highlight videos that might have sensitive content. It is a respectful non-judgemental platform that made me feel more comfortable experimenting and learning. And the diversity of the women sharing and their honesty added to this comfort.

#Pleasure Hat: I don’t have any experience with sex yet but definitely support self-pleasure! I thought I had done all there was to it but OMG there is so much more to explore which is really exciting. 

I also loved that it’s not a one size fits all and there’s room to tweak a method to what feels good for me and just becoming more comfortable and familiar with my body and my sexuality 🙂 

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