Deferred examinations

Deferred Examination allows you to sit an examination at a different time to when it is originally scheduled to take place if there are extenuating circumstances. Applications are submitted through ISIS.

If there are unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances that prevent you from sitting an exam, a deferred examination may be granted. This could include, illness, bereavement, trauma, or being a victim of a crime amongst other things.

You will be notified by your student email account the outcome of your applications. The Examinations Office of your ANU Academic College will schedule your deferred examination at their discretion. If you lodged your application 10 or more working days before the examination, you will be notified of the outcome before the examination.

If you require assistance you can contact ANU Student Central, your course convenor, your ANU Academic College and your ANUSA College Representatives.

You may be eligible for a deferred examination if sexual violence or trauma related to sexual violence has impacted severely on your ability to sit an examination at a particular time. Supporting documentation will be required by an independent person or authority. This ranges from certificates from health professionals or counsellors to police reports and letters of support from ANU Staff. Personal statements are generally not required. If you have any difficulty with this process, you can contact Women’s Officer Laura Perkov or ANUSA Vice President Tess Masters.

For specific matters relating to your extenuating circumstances, you can contact department officers (including Women’s Officer, Ethnocultural Officer, Indigenous Officer, Queer Officer, Disabilities Officer) and the ANUSA Vice President.

For a broad description of the process, visit the link here.

For more detailed instructions on how to apply through ISIS consult the guide here.