ANU Women’s Department

Providing advocacy, support and representation to women and non-binary students.

The ANU Women’s Department is a community of women and non-binary students at the ANU. Have a look through our website to find out more about who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved!

Blog Updates:

OMGYes and LoveHoney giveaway reflection

CW: sexual assault In my family, relationships and sex are topics that are never up for discussion. They’re not necessarily considered ‘taboo’, but we intuitively know never to talk about them, and it was strongly implied that neither were things that actually happened. I had my first (and only!) boyfriend in highschool, and as much […]

Pleasure Equality: The Revolution is now

By Jess Knapman You’re on a night out with your closest friend – the one who overshares and you love it – when she mentions her latest purchase… a rabbit. “A what?” you ask, confused. “A rabbit, you know, the vibrator with the rabbit for your clit.” You look at her, still unsure. She brings […]