ANU Women’s Department

Providing advocacy, support and representation to women, non-binary, transgender, gender-diverse students.

The ANU Women’s Department is one of ANUSA’s autonomous departments. We meet regularly to discuss issues pertinent to our experiences on campus, and to feminism more broadly. Have a look through our website to find out more about who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved!

Blog Updates:

August 1st 2021: Broken Promises Report

CONTENT WARNING: this report contains multiple references to sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexism, abuse, institutional betrayal, and mentions of violence, particularly against marginalised groups. •·················•·················•·················•·················• The National Report on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment at Australian Universities (the “AHRC Report”) produced nine recommendations for universities across Australia to combat sexual assault and sexual harassment (SASH)…

OMGYes and LoveHoney giveaway reflection

CW: sexual assault In my family, relationships and sex are topics that are never up for discussion. They’re not necessarily considered ‘taboo’, but we intuitively know never to talk about them, and it was strongly implied that neither were things that actually happened. I had my first (and only!) boyfriend in highschool, and as much…