2017 Campaigns

Women’s Department Response to the AHRC ‘Change the Course’ Survey and Report – Semester 2, 2017


In response to the Australian Human Rights Commission Survey and Report into Sexual Assault and Harassment in Universities, ANUSA, PARSA and the ANU Women’s Department facilitated a campaign that aimed to raise community awareness of the issue, advocate for victim-centred and trauma-informed policies and procedures, and pushed the university to accept responsibility for its mishandling.

ABC Report on the August 1st Speak-Out and Sit-In

ANUSA/PARSA Demands handed to the University

Intersectionality Zine – Semester 1, 2017

Click here to see the zine we created that shares the stories and experiences of some of our Department members.

The Pledge

A long-running campaign of the ANU Women’s Department addressing violence on campus. It aimed to foster collective responsibility on the issue of interpersonal violence, to shift understandings of violence away from a victim blaming culture, and to work towards a campus that is safe for all students. Visit the facebook page here.

Harassment Free Zones Campaign

A campaign of the ANU Women’s Department in conjunction with other advocacy groups in Canberra that led to the introduction of Exclusion Zones around ACT Health, to prevent the harassment of women seeking safe and legal abortions. Read more about this here and here.