What We Do

Advocacy, representation:

One of the Women’s Officer’s core responsibilities is to advocate for Department members within the ANU and wider community. This involves consulting the Department both formally and informally, and bringing the concerns of members to ANUSA, ANU staff, or other bodies where appropriate. This advocacy is not limited to the Women’s Officer, and members of the Department are welcomed and encouraged to pursue their own advocacy efforts with the help and support of the Officer and Collective.


The Women’s Department holds regular events for members, including shared meals, craft events, book club, feminist consciousness raising, and many more. Alongside our regular Collective Meetings, these events promote a sense of community amongst members, and allow us to grow and learn from each other. 

Support, referrals:

The Women’s Officer also provides support and referrals to professional services that students may need, such as ANU’s Student Safety and Wellbeing case managers, Canberra Rape Crisis Centre, ANUSA’s Student Assistance Team, ANU Counselling or other counselling services. The Women’s Officer can support you or help address any concerns you may have. The Women’s Department also offers support with a variety of issues as a community.

Rapunzel Room:

The Women’s Department has an autonomous space on campus that is accessible to all Department members. The room is sometimes used for events, but is always open for members to use to study, relax, socialise and more. The room is stocked with some consumables, has a fridge, microwave and sink.For access to the room, please email the Women’s Officer at sa.womens@anu.edu.au.