Birth Control Subsidy

Birth Control Subsidy Program Poster

ANU Women’s Dept Birth Control Subsidy

Please note: the subsidy will be continuing in 2023, with some changes. Stay tuned for more information, or reach out to Phoebe, the Women’s Officer at

In 2022 the ANU Women’s Department and ANUSA launched a program to susbsidise birth control (the pill, contraceptive implants, contraceptive injections and IUD’s) by 50% for ANU undergraduate students who purchase birth control from the (University Pharmacy – Kambri Lane).

All you have to do to get access is show your undergrad Student ID to the pharmacist and they will automatically apply the subsidy and charge you half price!

This program has been funded through the ANUSA Department Funding Pool so funding for the project is currently limited, however the Women’s Department will be investigating alternative funding streams in the near future.

The Women’s Department acknowledges that Birth Control is often a problematic form of medication that can have adverse effects on those who use it – however it is also often the best and safest option for many students seeking to prevent pregnancy, regulate periods and alleviate painful periods, relieve endometriosis and PCOS, treat acne or regulate hormones. It is unconscionable that birth control is not further subsidised or made free by the government and the Women’s Department would love to play a part in supporting students to access this necessary healthcare.

*Please note that supply will be limited to one filled prescription at a time per person and that funding is limited and may run out!

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