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Women’s Officer

The Women’s Officer is the official representative of the Department and is available to provide support, referrals and advocacy within the ANU and wider community. Phoebe Denham is the Women’s Officer in 2023. She will represent your interests at ANU and ANUSA meetings, provide support and referrals to professional services you may need, and facilitate events and campaigns throughout the year. You can reach Phoebe at

Phoebe Denham (she/her/hers)

Hi there!

My name is Phoebe, I use she/her pronouns and I’m Women’s Officer for 2023! Woo hoo!

I’m a fifth-year (wowza) studying applied data analytics and law, with a background on the Fenner Residents’ Committee and as a College Representative at ANUSA. I’ve spent the last two-ish years loving the Women’s Department and slowly becoming more and more involved. I had a lovely year in 2022 as Secretary, and am really excited to continue working with the Department.

The Women’s Department has always been a welcoming, comfortable and engaging place for me, and I endeavour to make sure that as many people as possible share that experience. The Department has also challenged me to think more critically about my feminism, and has facilitated much of my involvement in activism on campus. I am eternally grateful for what the Department has done for me, and the leaders (particularly Avan Daruwalla) who have come before me ❤

My vision for this year is to bring the Women’s Department to even more ANU students than ever before. I also strongly believe that we must be anti-racist, anti-transphobic, anti-capitalist and abolitionist as a Department, and that these values must be at the forefront of all of our work and events. We must understand the intersectional aspects of oppression because we believe in genuine equality and liberation for all, and because otherwise we will only further divide those that are oppressed. We all have different experiences of patriarchal oppression, and these experiences and trauma can and do co-exist without invalidating each other.

I receive a stipend for my work as Women’s Officer, so it is critically important to me that I am honest and upfront about my work, my time and my commitments. I will maintain a detailed timesheet throughout my term, and provide updates at Women’s Collective Meetings and in ANUSA SRC reports. If you ever wish for more information about what I’ve been up to, please feel welcome to ask me. You also may of course reach out to the Deputy Officers or a member of the ANUSA executive if you are concerned that I am not fulfilling my role, or are not comfortable speaking with me about my work.

All in all, I am extremely excited for the events, discussions, campaigns and more that we have in store for the year ahead ❤

Image description: a smiling Phoebe wearing a blue dress stands with her arms behind her back in front of a wall of green leaves.

Deputy Women’s Officers

The Deputy Women’s Officers provide support to the Women’s Officer and advocate for the members of the Department. Abreshmi Chowdhury and Maya Johnson are the Deputies in 2023. They will take leadership and responsibility of the development and running of the Collective (the active members of the Department). You can contact them at

Maya Johnson (she/they)

Hi! My name is Maya, I use she/they pronouns and I am so lucky to be a deputy officer of the Women’s Department at ANU for 2023! I am a second year, studying a Bachelor of Arts/IR and I am very passionate about participating in grassroots activism at the university. Although it is great to be a student at this university, it isn’t always easy & my aim for this year is to help make the Women’s Department a safer, more inclusive space for all of those who need it. In my spare time I like to read, talk about my lesbian identity (especially on my podcast) & crotchet.

Image Description: a smiling Maya wearing sunglasses, a light gingham shirt and denim shorts, sits on a stool in a field of sunflowers, next to a wooden barrel.

Abreshmi Anika Chowdhury (she/her)

Hi everyone! I’m Abreshmi, and my pronouns are she/her. I’m so excited to be a Deputy Officer for ANU Women’s Department 2023! I’m a second year International student from Bangladesh, doing a Bachelor of International Relations. I’ve a passion for Global Politics, South Asia, Cultures and I love to represent my heritage at every chance I get! Since 2018, I’ve had the opportunity to work with major feminist and development organisations both nationally and internationally. It was an honour to be a social media officer of the Department in 2022 and I can’t wait to give back this year as well! The past year I’ve covered different campaigns from the department and created scope for collaboration, this year I aim to make the space more welcoming and well known. Besides the women’s department, I am also the BIPOC Advocacy Officer for 2023 and would love to have more BIPOC people at the Women’s Department alongside other departments. I also try to keep up my digital art skills, feel free to check it out on ig:@abrushmi

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The WD Committee consists of the three Officers and the Secretary, Treasurer, Social Media Officer and Website/Design Editor. Our wonderful committee helps look after the Department and create a positive collective community through social events, collective meetings and our online space. They will be elected in a Collective Meeting early in 2023. Please reach out to Phoebe, the Women’s Officer at if you are interested in any of the roles, or for any more information.

Secretary – to be elected

Secretary description

Treasurer – to be elected

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Social Media Officer – to be elected

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Web and Design Editor – to be elected

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Online Space Moderators

We will be seeking volunteers to help moderate our online spaces throughout the year. Please reach out to Phoebe, the Women’s Officer at if you are interested in helping out!